The Tradition of the Wedding Sand Ceremony.

Your wedding is a mark of the beginning of your lifetime journey to life and love, and that is why several traditional union ceremonies are observed during that celebration. Bringing these practices into your wedding will without a doubt make it more special and meaningful. Nevertheless, this does not necessarily imply that you have to squeeze all these practices to your wedding. You just have to select one. Observing a wedding sand ceremony will be a good choice since besides involving the new couple, it also involves their families.

In comparison to other unity ceremonies, this type of unity wedding sand ceremony is a unique idea which makes a great wedding ceremony. It offers a more personalized option to the widely observed unity candle ceremony. It is an ideal complement to beach themed wedding, even though it might also be observed in the more traditional theme weddings. It might be a first instance to observe a wedding sand ceremony in your family. Therefore, it offers you the chance to set a new and meaningful family wedding tradition.

In the ceremony, there is the use of the sand for the demonstration of the union of the bride and groom. Conventionally, colored sand is utilized, each color for the symbolism of the love and affection of the groom and the other color for the love and affection of the bride. With that, two distinct vials of sand will be prepared. Following the exchange of rings, the groom and the bride will come together with their vial which has colored sand. Together, they put the sand in a vase which is colorless which is a symbol of their unity as wife and husband. The sand which forms an intertwined pattern which is created by the color is a representation of their newly formed union. The vases which the colored sand will be put is a symbol of the way a marriage can contain all. Visit this website at and learn more about weddings.

Besides from it being possibly one of the highlights of your wedding, the ceremony also provides you a precious keepsake that will be a reminder of how special your wedding was. It will give you memories of the way you were deeply overwhelmed and touched by the decision to involve both your families in the ceremony.

As this practice of this special ceremony gets more popular, shopping for wedding sand ceremony kits and items from is now simpler. Wedding sites now feature these items. It is also easier to compare the prices and designs of every kit due to the comprehensive product listing.